World No Car Day / 世界无车日 Screening of ‚Beijing Bicycle‘ / 电影放映 ‘北京单车’

Screening of ‚Beijing Bicycle‘
电影放映 ‘北京单车’

To celebrate ‘World No Car Day’ Friends of Nature together with STC are organizing a ‘bike to movie’ event at Ditan Park.

We invite all variety of bike riders to join together and ride to the event to show support for bicycles in Beijing. Come and join us for a classic movie under the stars.
我们邀请各界的朋友一起骑车参加这个活动来支持在北京的多用自行车出行。 让我们一起来享受露天的电影吧。

The event is free and the first 50 participants from STC (Smarter Than Car) will be treated to a free T-shirt and water bottle.
这个活动是免费的,STC的前50名参加者可以得到一件T-shirt, 或一个自行车水壶。

Bike for Better Beijing

Ines Brunn will also be doing a very very special trick performance together with Yu Changqing. That’s right 2 people on 1 bike doing tricks that most of can’t even manage when standing on solid ground!
伊泉和于长庆会做一次非常非常特殊的车技表演。 队,两个人用同一辆自行车进行表演。

Yu Changqing is a 74 year young Beijinger that started doing tricks on bikes at the age of 13. Over the years he had performed hundreds of times at National festivals and events. After meeting Ines Brunn and watching her perform he was inspired to get back to doing tricks. The 2 are now practicing tricks together on his trick bike. A beautiful mixture of young and old, East and West, male and female bond through their passion for bikes.
于先生北京人,今年芳龄74, 从13岁起就进行车技表演。 他曾经在不同的场合,仪式庆典上进行了上百次表演。 在遇到了伊泉并看过伊泉表演后, 他被感染了,决定重新回到自行车上。两人现在正加紧训练。 大家将会期待一场新老,东西方,男女荟萃的精彩表演。

Due to limitations imposed by the Ditan Park Management the movie screening will begin at 7 pm – therefore STC will organize a group ride after the movie to a bar or club for those that are interested in partying on.
因为地坛公园管理委员会的规定, 电影放映的时间将提前到7:00pm,所以STC的骑行活动将在电影结束后,我们去一个酒吧或俱乐部。

Meeting point : North Gate of Ditan Park. 6.30 pm
集合地点:地坛北门 6:30pm

Time : Tuesday September 21st

6.30pm – free t-shirt + bottle collection / 6:30PM 填写免责书, 发T-Shirt 和自行车水壶
6:45pm – Presentation and Ines and Yu’s performance / 伊泉和于先生车技表演
7:00pm- Screening of ‘Beijing Bicycle’ / 放映‘北京单车’
9:00 pm – STC ride – venue TBC / 骑行活动

Bring : Your bike and bike lock. Bring friends. Bring some snacks along or eat before the movie !
携带物品:你的自行车和车锁, 你的朋友还有你自己的零食。

Contact/联系 : Shannon 13426474634

Please RSVP if you would like the free drink bottle and t-shirt !
如果参加此活动得到T-Shirt 或自行车水壶 , 请邮件回复,

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