Powder and Great Food

How beautiful it was with the fresh snow everywhere and the sun shining the whole day! We went off piste in the morning and made our marks in the powder.

Hartmut Powder Sking

Our Skiing Traces

Beautiful Curves

It was extraordinarily beautiful as the clouds stayed below an altitude of 1300 meter and we stayed above 1300 meters the whole day. So while the people in the valley were under gray clouds we had pure sunshine!

Above the Clouds

Pure Enjoyment

Those clouds made it look like an ocean or huge lakes between the mountains.

The Lake of Clouds

The Ocean of Clouds

Dobratsch Rising out of the Clouds

At the end of the skiing day we look the long slope all the way from the highest peak of the ski resort all the way down to the valley. It was a magnificent feeling like flying in a plane above the clouds and then dunking in.

Sinking into the Clouds

In the evening Roman came to visit again. Hartmut cooked a 4 course meal with a salad with duck, an orange and carrot soup, pork cutlets with coconut basmati rice and a raspberry orange cake. We had some nice Austrian white burgundy wine as well as German Riesling Auslese with the dinner.

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