„Biggin‘ it up Beijing-Style“ Party

Friends and me went to the Japanese bar on 35th floor with the great view over Beijing. It was nice to be there the day before New Years Eve. We could already see some fireworks in various places. That bar not only has a huge selection of mangas but also has a small room you can rent by the hour to play Wii (Nintendo game). We talked about it, but as a juggling friend of mine invited us over for a party, we went there. Sure once in a while somebody would pick up some balls and juggle at the party. But guess what: He had a Wii system because his room mate has a friend that lent it to him for the Chinese New Year week long holiday. So we were actually playing Wii the whole evening while Oli was DJ-ing us some drum and base tunes. First there were the various cute rabit games, then we finally turned to Wii sports. The guys played boxing, then we started tennis. It is really physical and a lot of fun. You start sweating a lot. I understand why people like Wii.

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