Peloton Bike Ride and Birthday

Today was the regular winter road cycling ride to the East of Beijing. We had beautiful weather with blue sky and sunshine, but still quite cold. The loop is about 60km on smoothly paved extremely flat roads. This picture is courtesy of Tom showing me and our Mongolian friend Naran in the front.

Beijing Winter Peloton

In the evening we met Federico for dinner.We went to one of the small places where you chose vegetables and other things on sticks and then cook it in water. It was the first time for me to be in this kind of restaurant and it was delicious. But I have not yet figured out what is the best choice to not spend too much money but at least kill the hunger. Maybe all teh bike riding made me especially hungry.

Then we tried to find a bar close by as it was really freezing cold and we all were riding bikes. Unfortunately that area is not known for having any bars. We asked a few people and they all pointed us in one direction. It turned out to be a fancy hotel that has a bar. We decided not to go there and found a small bar below ground nearby that said it has live music. The music stopped shortly after we arrived and we were not too unhappy about that. We started playing games like making unbelievable towers out of the building blocks.

The Tower of Federico

We also made a domino snake like around the candles that actually with 2 adjustments fell down as expected.

The Domino Snake

With all these games we did manage to stay long enough till it turned midnight despite the really expensive beer and the horrible tasting tiny 50.-RMB hot chocolate. It was Federico’s 30th birthday and he thought we did not know. But we did 🙂

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