Beijing Fixed Gear Night of Tricks

Some of the fixed gear riders in Beijing met up in the bike tunnel between Dongdan and Wangfujing.It is huge and bright and hardly any cyclists coming through.

James Track Stand in Beijing Bike Tunnel

We had a turnout of 8 fixed gear guys! The Beijing fixie scene is growing! I took quite some pictures and uploaded them to my website. Click here to see the webalbum.

Beijing Fixed Gear Group

We did some skidding

Liu Ren Skidding

Liang Xing Skidding

And practiced backward circles and track stands. I really like Wang Xiao Wei’s all red bike.

Wang Xiao Wei Track Standing

And we did some other tricks like jumping off the bike and running next to it. And then also swapping bikes: We did a movie of that and I would love to see it soon. And other tricks:

Ji Ming Superman

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