Preparing the Room for the Bike Show

I will be performing tomorrow for Martin Krieg and his non profit organization „National Bicycle Greenway“. This event is to fund raise for Martin Krieg who will set of to cross the USA from West Coast to East Coast on his reverse High Wheel (Penny Farthing) called Eagle.

He is doing this for the „National Bicycle Greenway“. That is a non profit organization trying to build a coast to coast cycleable green bike path through all the different states and all counties. Cycling is good for environment and good for each person. I hope more people will understand this and cycle more rather than using cars.

I will be doing trick bike performances in Palo Alto at both 4pm and 7pm tomorrow. So we went the venue for me to test the floor with my trick bike.

Preparing the Room

After that we went to a nice bicycle shop: Cardinal Bike Shop. The guys there are really nice and the manager Manny has a beautiful fixed gear bike with an old Schwinn frame that is artistically repainted.

Cardinal Bike Shop Donated Beach Cruiser Bike

In the shop they had a huge used chain ring.

The Massive Chain Ring

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