Edsel Dilag Fixed Gear Pictures

For the filming of the fixed gear movie „Human Traffic“ we had Edsel Dilag come along with a nice Canon 5D and do some great shots. I made a small webalbum with some of his pictures. Here are a few:

Skateboard Handstand Trick

Twin Peak Fixed Gear Trick

Golden Gate Fixed Gear Surfing Trick

Ines Brunn Interview with San Francisco Downtown Background

And it is amazing how much the mind can influence our abilities: I can track stand forever. But trying to track stand on a wooden beam with the ocean water below didn’t work till I moved further back to see enough of the beam in front of me. And still then I could only track stand for a short while. Just because I knew that there was a possibility of me falling into the water with Clancy’s bike.

Ines Track Stand on Beam in San Francisco Bay

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