The Bike Fairy on Tianjin TV „China Right Here“

Last year a crew from Tianjin TV filmed me over a course of a few months documenting my life in China and my love for bikes as well as the starting of a fixed gear bike club in Beijing. They also filmed my participation and performance at Greening the Beige (GtB) 2008 and my green reason for cycling and taking care of environment.

This 30 minute documentary about the „Bike Fairy“ (Ines Brunn) was broad casted on Tianjin TV  today at 17:55 to 18:30 (as well as at 23:00 to 23:35).
去年天津TV拍过我喜欢自行车和我们开在北京骑fixed gear的俱乐部。
天津电视台 卫视频道 <泊客中国>


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