Face Mask Protects Face Against Road Rash

While ghost riding my trick bike and trying to swirl around a car that decided to park on the bike lane along the 2nd ring road expressway making me have to swirl out into fast traffic hoping I would not get hit from behind by the approaching cars did make me have to yell at that stupid driver and not pay attention to the road for a second and oversee the unexpected pot hole making my trickbike suddenly jump around and then get caught with the bike I was riding resulted in me going over the handlebars and landing face first on the asphalt. But I was lucky: I was wearing my anti-pollution mask. That prevented my whole left side of my face skin to be scraped off.

Anti-Pollution Mask Prevents Road Rash

So for all of you who want to look pretty and do not want to risk huge face road rash: Wear anti-pollution masks! I am so happy – My face only has minor road rash.

Anti-Pollution Masks for Pretty Faces

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