Rock Climbing

Rock climbng in Franconian Switzerland is great! My former climbing partne and I went to a cliff between Goessweinstein and Obertrubach, just near Allersdorf. Good that it did not rain in the morning even though the cliff we went too was still moist when we arrived. The nice warmup climbing routes were too wet so we had to start with the harder routes right away. But it was still great fun.

Franconian Switzerland Limestone Cliff

My friend was still really good despite not having rock climbed so much lately. He did all the lead climbing.

Getting Ready to Rock Climb

Climbing the Overhang

Pulling through the Overhang

I still enjoy climbing overhanging routes. This one I tried many years ago. It is called „The Swallow“. It seemed easier than I had remembered, despite some grips being wet.

The Sparrow Route

In a nearby village they were just setting up the „Kirchweih-Baum“, or as it is called in the Franconian language: „Kerwa-Baum“. It is a very tall cut pine tree where all the branches except the ones at the top have been removed so it then looks like a „Stekkala“ (I am trying to write in Franconian language, but I am having trouble with the correct spelling). It then has a ring with colored banners hanging just under the top. That tree it is usually setup on the main square of the village. Here is a picture (sorry the top of the tree did not fit onto the picture) of the „Kerwa-Burschen“ (they guys probably all belong to the local voluntary fire fighter group) setting up this special tree. It is probably not an easy job after quite some beers.

Kerwa-Baum in der Fraenkischen Schweiz

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