Chinese Medicine

As I am having some diarrhea I decided to go to my Chinese doctor (and blind massage place). When I entered he asked „what is wrong?“ across the whole room with all the patients waiting while continuing to treat another patient. I said I have diarrhea. He said „Great!“. I said „No, it is not great. It started Friday night and I have to go to the toilet a lot“. He asked „How many times did you go to the toilet today?“. I answered „Already 5 times, I feel dehydrated“. He said „Very good! All that stuff has to come out. You have been traveling too fast to too many places. It will soon be over and you will be fine“.

That was a slightly different kind of response than I expected. They then placed a needle on my shin and an infrared lamp on my stomach, then later gave me a stomach massage.

In the evening I did feel better and went on our Sunday fixed gear bike ride. We met and rode along the second ring road to the South Railway Station and back. I told my Chinese friends that I was not feeloing all so well yet. They all said diarrhea is good because I was traveling too much – I will soon have fully arrived in Beijing and feel better. Let us hope so.

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