Strong Rain

Today I was at the Toastmasters meeting and afterwards realized the streets were a bit wet. And I realized something that I had never noticed this intensely: The busy street where many cars were driving was already dry, the smaller street was still slightly wet and the bike lanes were completely soaked. That must be due to the temperature of the engines of the cars as well as the air conditioning. The cars are actually drying and heating up the streets! So I was cycling on the car lanes as I do not have any fenders on my fixed gear bike.

Later I went to a restaurant about 150 meters away  from my home. It started raining when we started eating. And it just got heavier and heavier.  The drops were really huge and there were soon big puddles on the streets.

Beijing Rain Storm

The cars driving by were almost floating in the water. And we had to cycle home! We waited for quite a while after finishing the dinner but the rain did not get any lighter. So at a certain point I put on my rain gear and took off my shoes and got completely drenched on those 150 meters with me feet on my pedals going under water with every revolution.

Car in Beijing Rain

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