Morning Bike Tricks and Juggling

I am fed up with the rain in the evenings and therefore the missing bike trick training. So I asked Fede to come out with me at 8:30am for joint training. What a beautiful morning: Blue skies, clean air and sunshine. The place we went to is quite nice. All the Chinese that come for a workout leave at around 8:30am so we have the complete space for ourselves.

Fede Juggling Training

Fede Moro Juggling Clubs

I brought my pink Cinelli track bike with my new pink Oury grips. They are so comfortable. This place is not perfect for doing tricks on fixed gear bikes, but it is fine for what I wanted to practice.

Ines Track Bike Wheely

Free Handed Wheely

In the evenings there are some Chinese guys that have whips for exercise. Fede has bought one and is now learning the art of whipping. Whenhe does it right it makes a really loud noise.

Fede Whipping

Fede Whipping

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