Bike Race on Fixed Gear

This morning Fede and me again went for a workout session. This picture gives and impression of what our training is all about: The fixed gear bike and the whip…

Whipping the Fixed Gear Bicycle in the Morning Workout Session

In the early evening there was the 3rd Summer Criterium Bike Race at the Beijing Golden Port race track. This time again (like in the first 2 races) I was riding on my fixed gear bicycle while everybody else was riding on road race bikes. Today a girl called Hu Chen was riding fast and challenging me. During the race the 6th lap was counted as a sprint lap. I won that lap. We both were riding together with the fastest male B riders throughout the whole race drafting behind each other. On the last lap of the race she was still behind me but then overtook on the last 100 meters with an extreme sprint. Our average velocity throughout the race was 38km/h. I finished the bike race on second place. The girl that came in on third place had been lapped by us as well as all the other female riders. It was fun to have a real competitor in this race.

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