Greening the Beige at Club Fair

Today was again a club fair where the Beijing community clubs and non profit organizations could display themselves. The location was maybe not the best to get a „fair“ kind of feeling as there were just two straight lines of tables on either side of a quiet street.

Beijing CityWeekend Club Fair

The Green Lady Carissa had prepared a table for the „Greening the Beige“ group to create awareness for the upcoming events. The first one is the International Day of Climate Action on October 24th where we want to arrange the 350 Beijing Green Train bike ride together with the The other big event is the 3rd Annual Greening the Beige Event in November under the theme: „RE-ENERGIZE BEIJING“.

The team was making origami windmills from used paper. They had some clothes made out of used colorful plastic bags on display to demonstrate that waste can be re-used and given a new purpose. The amazing green allies and volunteers came from Beijing Dance/LDTX, China Charity Challenge, New Beijing International Movie Festival, Whole Soul Bakery as well as other individuals supporting environmental awareness activities. And they were handing out fashionable red star pins from Cable 8 Culture Center. Here a picture of a part of the Greening the Beige energetic team:

Greening the Beige Environmental Volunteers

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