Euro Bike Exhibition

I flew to Germany for some holiday and also to have a look at the European bicycle industry trade show in Friedrichshafen. The Euro Bike exhibition was quite big. A huge majority of the bikes were mountain or trekking bicycles. But I did find some nice track bikes. Like some traditional Italian style, like this beautiful one from Olmo:

Olmo Fixed Gear Track Bike

Or newer designs like from Viva:

Viva Fixed Gear Track Bikes

There was also a used bike polo bike displayed by the German Fixie company:

Fixie Bike Polo Bicycle

I made a webalbum with more pictures of nice track bikes. Also Cinelli had some beautiful steel frames on their booth:

Cinelli Fixed Gear Track Bikes

It was also great to meet some old and new friends. And I was astonished that it is possible to do CouchSurfing in Friedrichshafen which is such a small city at the border of Germany.

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