Searching for Mushrooms

After meeting a friend for breakfast my parents and I had lunch at a place that is only open on Saturday and Sunday for lunch and only has a limited number of dishes. I had traditional Franconian pork shoulder with skin and the Franconian potato dumplings but could not finish the huge portion. After that we set out into a nearby forest to search for mushrooms. It had been very dry the whole summer but just a few days ago my parents said it had rained and they were assuming that finally there would be some mushrooms.

Searching the Franconian Forest for Mushrooms

We spread out and each of us were checking clearly the ground. In all directions of the forest. My father is on the below picture

Searching the Franconian Forest for Mushrooms

But all we could find was a field of sunflowers.

Field of Sunflowers in Franconia

And they were quite big.

Huge Sunflower in Franconia

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