Rock Climbing in Franconian Switzerland

One of the best most famous places in Germany for rock climbing is Franconian Switzerland or Frankenjura. It is where I started climbing many years ago. We went to a cliff that I think I have never been to. Andi chose it because he had also never been there. At least that is what he thought till we arrived.

The Rock Climber on the Phone

The Belayer watching the Lead Climber carefully

I still do not have a digital SLR anymore so these pictures are not nice. But I still wanted to upload some to give you an impression of the wonderful limestone of the Frankenjura.

Rock Climbing in Franconian Switzerland

Rock Climbing in the Frankenjura

Great Limestone Cliffs for Rock Climbing

Franconian Limestone Cliffs for Rock Climbing

Most of the crags in Franconia are in the forests. So in the summer it does not get too hot in the daytime. And you usually have to walk a bit to get to the climbing places.

Walking through the Forest

After climbing we went to a very typical Franconian „Keller“. Those are the caves carved into the hills for storage of food and beverages in the ancient times. Today some of them sell some of their homemade food and have some beer benches so you can sit. So you can get typical things such as „Pressack“ (in Franconian dialect more pronounced like „Brressagg“), „Stadtwurst mit Musik“ and „Obazda“. And they sell dark and strong „Keller“ beer in baby mugs and normal mugs as seen in this picture:

Drinking Beer in a Franconian Keller

The normal mug is 1 liter of beer and the baby mug is only half a liter of beer. The view from this keller was magnificent:

View of Franconian Switzerland Hills and Cliffs

Then we went to see the nearby“Vexierkapelle“ which is the only thing remaining from a castle originally built around the year 1146 A.D..

Vexierkapelle Reifenberg in Germany

From there we had a beautiful view of the famous „Walbala“ where people had been living in the bronze age (about 1000 years B.C.) and was a very important spot for the Kelts (about 500 years B.C.). Till today people believe this spot has magical energy.

Ehrenbuerg Walbala in Franken

After dinner we went to the birthday party of one of my best friends. It was fine for me to drive as the good wine would be a waste for me to drink as all I can taste from wine isĀ  the alcohol. I had not been aware almost all of the taste of wine is received through the nose.

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