Chartreuse Mountains – Le Cirque de Saint-Meme Hike

We continued on to the Chartreuse Mountains to a small village called Le Cirque de Saint-Meme. At the beginning of the short hike was the first small waterfall.

Le Cirque de Saint-Meme Waterfall

But hiking up brought us into the clouds. The forest became foggier.

Hiking in the Foggy Forest

When we arrived at the 3rd waterfall it was hard to see it at all. It must be more impressive in the spring time when it hass more water.

Chartreuse Mountain Waterfall

Chartreuse Mountain Waterfall

But it seems to be quite moist here most of the year as some trees were completely covered with moss.

Mossy Tree

Chartreuse Mountain Small Waterfall

Hiking in the Chartreuse Mountains

At the end of the hike there was a short moment that I could see the actual cliffs of the Chartreuse mountains peaking through the clouds.

Massif de Chartreuse

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