China 60th Year Anniversary Parade

Today is the Chinese National Day October 1st. The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, which is 60 years ago. We were hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of the Anniversary Parade so we headed out by bike. Wangfujing shopping street was closed off for the public.


But the school children that are part of the parade were just arriving in buses and heading to their starting points on Changan Jie.

School Children Arriving

We were riding around the hutongs that were still very relaxed. Not so many people were out in the hutong. I think most people were staying at home to watch the 60 Year festivities on TV.


Also near the Forbidden City it was not possible to have a look at Changan Jie where the parade would be marching along later.

Road Blocks

We did get to see a glimpse of the end of the parade before they started.

Parade Lineup

It was very nice to cycle on the empty Beijing roads that are usually heavily congested.

Beijing Roads with no Traffic

From one of the tall buildings we were able to have a nice view of Beijing city on this sunny and clear day. We could even we the West mountains very clearly. I love Beijing on blue sky days!

View of Beijing on Sunny Day

Unfortunately I had not brought my camera so I could only take pictures with my mobile phone. In the distance there was the line-up ready for the parade on the huge Beijing Changan Boulevard.

Beijing Changan Jie

Beijing Changan Jie

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