New Year’s Eve Meditation

This year we decided to do something different for New Year’s Eve. Fede had invited friends over for dinner and then a meditation from 11:30 to 12:30. We had a huge long dinner with different Italian and Chinese vegetarian dishes until I almost could not move anymore. Around 11 we made space for everyone to sit for the meditation.

Preparation for Meditation

Ready for New Year’s Eve Meditation

And then at 11:30pm we set our mobile phones to silent, switched off the lights and got all quiet.

Starting of Meditation

We had 1 hour of silence, everybody focussed on themselves. It was a nice a very nice way to start the new year. And as we are in Beijing there were anyway no fire crackers or fireworks so we also did not get disturbed by any outside noise. We are looking forward to 2010. I wish all of you all the best!

Happy New Year 2010

Happy People

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