Cycling and Spinning

I thought that Beijing was collecting all the snow on the roads of Beijing. But that seems to have been mainly inside the former city walls. Today I cycled outside of the 2nd ring road and was shocked to see that many roads were covered with snow. And unfortunately most of the bicycle lanes were still completely covered with compressed snow. That was very horrible to ride on with my fixed gear road tires. And I had to go out to the 798 art district outside of the 4th ring road. There drivers obey the traffic rules even less. But I know that so I did not panic when I had a car driving around a corner on the wrong side of the snow covered road heading right at me.

I then went to the spinning class held by my fellow cyclist Patrick Dean. I like it because it is held by a cyclist so it is a real cycling kind of spinning rather than just an aerobic workout. And it is free for members of teh Beijing Peloton and MOB bike groups. This was the first class of the year and it was packed. it was nice to see other cycling friends that have not been there for a long time.

But after I cycled home my bike was really looking bad. With the dried up salt everywhere and black slush sticking to it which started slowly to drip off.

Street Salt and Black Slush on Bicycle

I am still amazed how black the colors of the snow is.

Black Beijing Street Snow

And here is a close up of some of the melting slush.

Melting Black Snow from Bicycle

Because of the amount of dirt and salt a shower was the only option. After a long scrub I could actually see the shiny bright yellow color of the rims again as well as the frame color. I hope it does not snow again soon.

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