Handstand Contest

I like the randomness of people entering my bike shop. It is very interesting. Like a Chinese mother with her maybe 20 year old daughter sitting on our sofa for 2 hours asking for advice on what her daughter could do for a living. Or a couple saying they want to buy some fixed gear parts for a friend in Hongkong and then buying 2 front hubs instead of a front and a rear hub because the front hubs are cheaper. They also insisted that they only need the right crank arm with teh chainring and also only need 1 pedal (no matter if left or right). I told them that their friend definitely will need both pedals and also a left crank arm. Or Chinese men sitting down on our sofa and drinking their tea, smoking cigarettes and asking about my life. Well today a friend came in to have his mountain bike brakes and his gear shifter adjusted – not really what I usually do in a single speed (these bikes just have 1 gear) bike shop. And then I was challenged to a handstand standing contest. He actually defeated me. Now I got to practice for our next meet up.

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