Anthony’s Raleigh Bike Conversion

It is not a good idea to leave your bike every night in the same spot and just locked with a cable kind of lock. My friend Anthony Paglino, whom I had just given a U-lock for his birthday 2 days ago, had his bike stolen last night. And it was his mountain bike that he was getting ready for his long distance bike ride through South China. But he also has a second hand Raleigh road bike that he was once thinking of converting.

Anthony Stripping his Road Bike some Weeks ago

So he came to the shop today and started working again on the stripped down frame and building it up as a fixed gear bike. It is really a very nice British Raleigh road bike frame. Here is how it looked after we converted it in my Natooke shop.

Raleigh Road to Fixie Conversion

Raleigh Emblem on Anthony’s converted Bicycle

Natooke Converted Fixed Gear Bike

And here is Anthony with his new bike:

Anthony Happy to have a Bike again

After we finished his bike we went to the Beijing Juggling workshop. It was nice to see many people. And I particularly enjoyed that a lot of them were in to acrobatics or handstanding 🙂

Beijing Jugglers talking about Acrobatics

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