Booth Preparation and Shanghai

To have a low carbon footprint we had decided to take the train from Beijing to Shanghai for the China Cycle Exhibition. It was amazing but we actually managed to store all our stuff somewhere in the train. I was happy that in the end we had decided that I only took one bike. The night on the train was quite pleasant. We arrived this morning at 7:30am. As we were 3 people we had expected that we need 2 taxis. But I was happy to see that for teh upcoming World Expo Shanghai now has many big taxis that easily fit us and all our stuff. On the way to the exhibition center we passed the World Expo area. I tried to take a picture out of the fast driving taxi and the rain did not help to get a clear picture.

In the Background is the Area of the World Expo

When we arrived we first had some breakfast at our tiny little booth space. It looked so sterile all white and empty.

Lonely Empty Booth

Then we started our preparations. Samantha and I crafted some interesting small lights using the bicycle lights and the green bike grips.

Pile of green bike grip lights

Julien built up a display stand for his Respro anti-pollution masks.

Display stand for Respro Masks

I am not sure how many times we had to say „bu yao“. About every 2 to 3 minutes somebody came to our small booth asking us if we need chairs, tables, shelves, help with setting up something, printng of our logo and more. It was mainly because we were one of the first in the whole tent to work on our booth.

Samantha in almost empty exhibition hall

We had printed out pictures of bikes that we had built up in our shop and we tied them together to hang them on the front of our booth while still yelling „bu yao“ every other minute.

Bike Picture Girlande

We set up things a bit different than the standard small booths. Like we put the table in an angle further inside the booth and not the the front. And as we did not bring any bikes there is a lot written on our huge posters on our walls. This is the first time for me to have my own booth. It is an exciting feeling.

My booth at the Cycle China

Samantha was happy when we finally left the exhibition center as it had been cold the whole time and had actually been raining hard.

Samantha Song in Shanghai

As it was Samantha’s first time to Shanghai I took her to Nanjing Donglu and we walked to the Bund.

The Shanghai Bund at Dusk

Here is a picture of her taking pictures.

Samantha at the Shanghai Bund

I never saw this fountain that sometimes turns on and changes colors – I assume it is new for the World Expo.

The Bund Fountain

Then we walked to the refurbished old part of Shanghai near the Bund.

Old Shanghai

Around here they have these great bicycle stands. They are flower beds on top and have a pole so that each bike can be locked to that iron pole. I think they look great in the city and are practical. Just what a pity that there are hardly any peopel cycling and using these bike stands.

Old Shanghai Bicycle Stands

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