Flying Banana Fixed Gear Bikes

This is the last day before my trip to New York and of course it was very busy. We had to take some bike parts to the international post office and because that included rims we decided to take the taxi. What a stupid way to get around in Beijing. Because it is mostly traffic jams. It took the taxi 20 minutes to get from my shop to where I live. By bike it only takes me 8 minutes. And then we found out that the customs office was already closed because tomorrow is the start of the 3 day holiday. So we had to take the taxi back too.

Traffic Jam on North Second Ring Road in Beijing

And I had some fixed gear friends drop by the shop to change a saddle and cog. Will had bought an Aerospoke front wheel for his Natooke bike.

Will’s Natooke Bike

This is a beautiful Flying Banana track bike with chrome front fork.

Flying Banana track bike with chrome front fork

And this Flying Banana has a nice color.

Light Blue Flying Banana Track Bike

And with 2 customer ordering very special Flying Banana’s at Natooke store I hardly had time to finish the bike for Thomas. So he had to help me put it together. I like his choice of the lugged steel Flying Banana in black with a BMX style front fork and fixed gear.

Lugged steel Flying Banana in black

Thomas Flying Banana from Natooke

The special Natooke brand „Flying Banana“ track bicycle.

The Flying Banana by Ines Brunn

At night there were huge thunderstorms that seemed to never end. So Fede who was trying to fly back from Inner Mongolia got delayed until very late. And when it stopped raining there were huge puddles everywhere.

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