Saturday in the Store

Saturday in the store with 2 guys.

Fede in Natooke Office

Julien in Natooke Workshop

We got some bikes ready for the bike parts swap meet tomorrow. One was this pink girls bike.

Aluminum Urban Fixie

The bike that was almost sold and the almost customer requested to have the horn added.

Fixed Gear Bike with Horn

Or Quinn’s converted bike that he sold back to us when he left China.

Mountain Bike Frame with Fixed Wheel

And we also some special beautiful bikes like this red Flying Banana with Modolo wheels.

Flying Banana with Modolo wheels

A group of young Chinese fixed gear riders came by and hung out at the shop for a while. The one kid is 15 years old and just won first place in the Chinese National drawing competition. Samantha is asking him to draw the shop for us. His friend has this bike.

White with Black Fixie Bike

And onother friend has this bike that we built up here at Natooke:

White with Pink Fixie Bike

There they went.

Young Fixed Gear Riders of Beijing

In the evening we went to a rooftop party in Chaoyang district of Beijing. It was a great night to be outside.

Terrace on the Top of the Roof

From here you have a great view over the city and the central business district. And we could even see the moon that is on the top left corner of this picture.

Beijing CBD by Night

Relaxing on the Roof Top

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