Natooke Build Bikes

The weather is getting cold in Beijing and most people still do not have heating but they still come to our shop to buy bikes or juggling equipment. Thanks guys! Today was busy and because I was out at the show I only took 1 picture of 1 of the fixed gear bikes that we built in Natooke.

Red and Black Flying Banana

Currently most customers chose our beautifully hand made steel frames – our Flying Banana frames. I like how the red rims and tires on this one go so well with the Oury grips. It is an elegant and cool choice.

The Customer and his new Bike

After that Julien and I went to our friends home for a typical French Raclette dinner. We brought the 5 kilogram pig leg – I mean the remaining 5 kilogram of the ham. Akiko told me that when she was back home in Japan she met a friend of a friend who loves cycling. She was amazed that he knows me for my trick bike abilities from my online videos. And of course he was amazed that she is a friend of mine. The world is so small 🙂

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