Gordon Bennett Fixed Gear Tel Aviv

Today I had a relaxing day hanging out in a bike shop that was not mine. I was at Arnon’s fixed gear bike shop in Tel Aviv that is called Gordon Bennett.

Gordon Bennett in Israel

It is a cool little shop in the center of Tel Aviv.

Bike Shop Owner and Customer

Similar to my shop a lot of people drop by to say hi. I get more men in Beijing but Arnon gets more women. They mostly do not ride a fixed gear bike but just want to chat with the cool owner.

Bike Shop in Tel Aviv

Inside the Fixed Gear Shop

One Less Car T-Shirt

In Israel there seem to be many nice old frames from the 1970’s. So a lot of people have beautiful steel road bike frames converted to fixed gear.

Frames and Beers

As I know how it is running a bike shop I of course helped Arnon when there were more than 1 customer at the same time. So I helped change the outer tires for a customer.

Ines changing the Tire

Do not ask me why Arnon was shaking for this first picture he took. Maybe he was afraid I could not change the tire and therefore shaking due to fear. Who knows. It was a fun day.

Ines Brunn in Gordon Bennett changing Tires

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