A Day in the Store

Today was a nice day in the store. It was nice to have Dupree and Master Liu as well as Fred now working at Natooke. We had quite a few things to do with some minor annoying things that took much longer than expected.

One customer brought us a handlebar he had bought in Europe and wants installed on his bike. It is a basket integrated in a handlebar. I love what is written on the box explaining what you could for example fit inside that basket. Here a picture of it.

What you can fit in a Handlebar-basket

Fred helped us work on 2 bikes. We all stayed quite long and Dupree suggested to all have dinner together to celebrate my return. Of course I accepted. And I was happy we went to a Beijing style hotpot restaurant on Ghost street. We ordered thin lamb meat and different thin lamb meat and another kind of thinlamb meat some other dishes of lamb meat. 🙂 That was a cool Natooke dinner!

Beijing Style Hotpot

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