Lining Bikeboy Party

After the Beijing Bikeboy Alleycat race Lining organized a fixed gear bike party with MC hotdog, DJ Sam Lee and 24 Herbs boy band. And of course us fixed gear riders. Mitchell and me representing the whole Team Natooke got to stand around on stage for a long while.

Mitchell and Ines from Team Natooke

Ines Brunn on the Bikeboy Stage

After a while Mitchell and I started to get bored and started track standing:

Team Natooke Mitchell and Ines Track Standing

Then was our moment where we were given 60 sec to show some tricks on the tiny stage. Mitchell and I did synchronized backward circles.

Ines doing Backward Circles

The fixed gear party included the fun STC JisuPK. It was setup on stage and Sara and me from Team Natooke raced against the guy from Japanese T19. It was a long 500m race and I actually won!

STC JisuPK system at Bikeboy

Team Natooke wins against Team T19

Ines and Xiao Ou

We took some pictures with the different crews. Here is me and the American FTC team with the famous skateboarder John Cardiel.

Ines and John Cardiel from FTC

Here are Mitchel and me with the Taiwan Nabiis guys.

Ines and the Taiwan Nabiis Guys

And here is me and a guy from the Japanese T19 team

Ines and Japanese T19

Here are more pictures of the Lining Bikeboy Party.

Our fixed gear bike friend Peter Carney had set up lights and taken shots of the various fixed gear rides during the event. At the end when he and his partner were starting to pack up the Natooke staff started goofing around in front of the camera. That was so much fun!

Natooke doing the Fred Jump

Doing a wild Jump

Funny Jumping

Cycling without Bikes

More goofy pictures here.

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