Beijing Bicycle Parking Lots

Where do you put your bike without the fear of having it stolen? Best is in a bicycle parking lot with a guard or owner. Some places in Beijing have outdoor bicycle parking for 0.2RMB for a normal single speed (and also fixed gear) bike and 0.3RMB for mountain bikes, race bikes or anything with gears per day. Here is one owner of a bike parking lot conveniently located near the Yonganli subway station. He is only open from 9:00am till 9:00pm.

Beijing Outdoor Bicycle Parking

I am very happy to see that in some cases even in fancy new building complexes they provide bike parking facilities. In Jianwai SOHO they do not like having bikes standing around so they designated a part of the underground car park for bicycles. And this parking is free of charge!

Jianwei SOHO Bike Parking

Bikes and more Bikes

While cycling around today I discovered a new building that I had not seen before. Well actually the left part is an old building just covered with new glass (I heard the people renting the offices were able to stay inside during the construction, but had to pay more after the construction was finished). The right side is a new building. And the bridge had to be built that it holds by itself (connected to the right building). It is quite impressive with all that red/pink glass:

New Pink Building

This is a picture of the Beijing „Twin Towers“ which are not so high:

LG Twin Towers of Beijing

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