Train through Switzerland and Nuernberg

To get back to Germany I again took a the train. This time it was more difficult to buy a ticket. In Chambery it was not possible to buy any other ticket than that of the first train I was to take to Geneva. After some difficulty it was actually possible to give me the connection data of the 3 other trains I was supposed to take, but only in handwritten form. She noted that I only have 40 minutes for the transfer in Geneva and I could try to buy a ticket there but it is only 40 minutes. I thought how stupid, sure I can buy a ticket within 40 minutes. Well, I was assuming I was in Germany. But in Geneva (Switzerland) I took a number for the international ticket center and found out I had to wait for 30 other people. So I decided to go to the counter for the „train ticket sale for immediate departure“. After waiting there for about 25 minutes and only advancing about 5 people worth I started worrying. I found 3 ticket machines of which 2 were not working and I tried to get a ticket all the way, but found out I could only get tickets for the Swiss part of the travel. My next transfer would be again in Switzerland and only 18 minutes and I was very worried how I would get a train ticket to Germany.

Genfer See

But fortunately in Olten there was no line at the ticket counter. In Frankfurt I heard the message that my train was 2 hours delayed. I was positively surprised that the German Bahn did sponsor a substitute ICE train leaving at the time on the schedule. Deutsche Bahn has improved a lot on their services. I even heard that people in France use Deutsche Bahn online for booking train tickets or checking schedules of trains in France.

After a full day on trains it was nice to get a delicious warm meal from Hartmut. He made a very fragrant and spicy soup. We drank a very nice Champagne with it.

The Chef in his Kitchen

Plates Prepared for the Soup

After a full day on trains and a delicious warm meal it was nice to do a late night walk in snowy Nuernberg and go for a drink. We walked past the Nuernberg castle and then around the small downtown streets crossing the Pegnitz river a few times.

Nuernberg Skyline

The Castle of Nuernberg

Pegnitz in Nuernberg

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