Climbing and Acro Balance

Hartmut took me climbing to an indoor wall in Nuernberg: the Climbing Factory. It is a very high wall and most of it is for lead climbing. That is great! There is a lot of overhangs in the routes which I love. The routes are clearly marked by colors and grades, nicely done.

Climbing Factory

Indoor Climbing Wall

I was happy lead climbing some UIAA 7- and 7 routes (French 6b and 6b+ or USA 5.10c and 5.10d). But then I saw another climber climbing the same routes with ease. I had to talk to him as I was amazed. It turned out that he is 66 years old and started climbing when he was 5. He said he has a friend that is 71 years old and even climbs a UIAA 9 route (French 7b or USA 5.12d). That is a goal for me. I want to be like that when I am older.

66 Year Old Climber

After that I went to the Erlangen Juggling Group. I wasn’t juggling at all as Gerhard was there and it is much more fun to do acro balance (partner acrobatics) together with him. He is so stable and just tells me what to do. We finally got the hand on hand to almost work. Even there he keeps his arms so stable despite my right side tilted handstand.

Hand on Hand 1

Hand on Hand 2

Hand on Hand 3

2 Responses to “Climbing and Acro Balance”

  1. Gerhard sagt:

    The really cool thing about acrobalance with Ines is: She just does, what you tell her, no matter how crazy it might seem 😀
    What a pity she’s leaving Germany soon.