Sauna and the Experienced Gymnasts

My parents and I relaxed the whole morning and afternoon in the nearby spa and sauna. It was a wonderful winter day like in Beijing: Blue skies and sunshine but really cold. It was great to be in the hot sauna together with all the other naked and sweaty men and women. They used different fragrances combined with salt peeling for the official hourly „Aufguss“ in the main sauna. The grapefruit or ginger-lime was much better than the strawberry-chocolate smell at 100 degrees celcius. They also have different kinds of jakuzzi. Really relaxing.

It is sometimes great to be nostalgic. And it is also great to realize that you can still do things that you learned as a child. Even in gymnastics. I went to the gymnastics club where I was as a child. It is amazing that some of the guys I know for really many years still come to the club. We are all so experienced now. But still do gymnastics 🙂 Here are Klaus, Roland, Toralf, Jens and me.

Erlanger Turner

The Gymnastics Team

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