The „Teehaus“

Today I met my best friends from university. Every year we get together in the place with the most different kind of teas offered in Erlangen – the „Teehaus“. They serve real tea leaves and give you a sand-glass to make sure you take out the leaves at the right moment. Today they were having a brunch buffet so we tried that. It was great as they were serving Italian antipasti, as well as salmon and everything else you could think of for a long breakfast. Alex, Martin and me tried to take a picture of ourselves and these are the results:

Photography Experiments

The Physicists

Afterwards I went again climbing, then artistic cycling and then to the juggling and acro balance group. It was a fun and long day full of sports and friends. In artistic cycling Paulina showed me again her newly invented „handlebar-kneeing“ that she claims to be really comfortable. I tried it too but it hurts. And I do not think I can do it as beautifully as her.


4 Responses to “The „Teehaus“”

  1. Gerhard sagt:

    haha, I’ll try it the next time I get acces to a trick bike, but I’m not sure I’ll get far enough to evaluate any pain 🙂
    Wouldn’t even know how to start getting into that position.

    Saddle-kneeing is easier, I’d guess 🙂

  2. Ines sagt:

    Ups, that was a typo. Yes sure it is „Lenkerknien“. I will change that in the text.
    Her knee is almost in the middle of the handlebar. Try it out and let me know if it hurts.

  3. Gerhard sagt:

    hm, why does she call it „saddle-kneeing“ when her foot is on the handle bar? Wouldn’t „handle bar-kneeing“ be a better name for it?
    Anyways, cool trick!
    Is her knee in the middle of the handlebar or is it on the oppisite side of the handlebar symmetric to the hand?