Skiing in Austria

What great weather! Sunshine, great snow, nicely prepared slopes and not many people. And this on a Sunday! We started early to make get as much of the fresh slopes as possible. But the weather continues to be extraordinarily cold: It was -15 degrees Celsius at our apartment. Fortunately but uncommonly it was warmer at 2000 meter altitude. But the temperature was still not really high.


Taking a Break

Hartmut and Roman started with high velocity and kept that up throughout the day. It was interesting to see that the majority of people here in Austria all ski very fast. And now about 70% wear helmets. We did go to a ski hut to see if there would be a crowd watching the with big ski race. But there was not even a single person so we sat outside.

Ski Hut Rest

Roman and I realized that we had been skiing together before. But that was about 18 years ago! Wow… Time really flies. And he still can ski very well.

Skihaserl und Skikoenig

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