South Austrian Alps

What can I say? Again so much sunshine, same snow, not many people. It was the same inverted weather where it is colder in the valley than at high altitude. The smoke from the factories did not rise, it stayed pressed down in the valley.


We started again quite early to enjoy the freshly prepared slopes as you can see on our long shadows.

Shadows of Two Skiers

Again we had such a gorgeous view of the surrounding Alps of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. This area is where these three countries meet. The mountains around vary in there style too making it a very interesting landscape.

Alpine View

Nassfeld Ski Slopes

Today I chose to wear my pink sunglasses. Some like them, other don’t. For lunch we rested in comfortable beach chairs.

Pink Sunglass Lady


Today we also went skiing off-piste in muggles. This actually made my pulse go higher. And after the 4th time down the same long muggle slope I actually felt like I was sweating a bit.

Skiing in the Muggles

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