Old School Skiing Style

I am so happy! The shop did have my vintage skis ready for me this morning. So today I could again do my old school style of skiing with the legs tight together making fast small turns with hip movement. This was especially great as it has been snowing heavily since early morning hours. They slopes were not prepared so we had great powder on all slopes. I have the impression that it did not bother me as much as it did the other skiers that for most of the day the visibility was quite low. I just used my old school technique to ski through the patches of snow and the bumps that started emerging on the slopes. It was huge fun!

This first picture is me prepared for the day, the second one after 2 hours of skiing:

Ready to go out and get wet…

…wet and white

Hartmut was collecting snow and ice on his sunglasses to be able to ski in complete darkness. Even his eye brows were icy:

Blind Iceman

Talking about old school style: In France I had seen quite many people on Telemark skis this year. It is even older than my style skiing as it is what the first people who skied did. I had rented Telemark skis in France 2 years ago. It is challenging. I asked the ski shops in Austria if they have Telemark skis for rent, but unfortunately they did not.

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