Carving Ski

Yesterday we decided to look for new ski boots as we both have really old ones. We went to one of the sport shops and tried on quite a few pairs. We both found aggressive ski boots that were seemed very comfortable. Mine feel like there is a very thick and soft carpet inside. I asked for a discount but only got the offer to rent a pair of skis for free after the shop assistant saw my vintage skis.

New Ski Boots

So there I go my first day with my nice new ski boots having to ride on carving ski. It was actually okay to try out the carving feeling, but anything else was dangerous as the skis are so wide in the front and the back. They often overlapped in the front in the back making me fall. It make me feel like a duck with huge feet and skiing felt like I made in my pants as I had to keep my legs spread apart. When I went back to the ski shop they could not find my vintage skis. They told me “they are probably still in the workshop” and I should get them tomorrow morning. I do hope they are not broken or lost as nowadays you cannot buy these kind of skis anymore. And I love them. Or maybe they sold them to a museum…
Hartmut really enjoys his new ski boots. He now has more grip with the edges of the skis. And I enjoy that Hartmut loves cooking and prepares the meals every day.

Carving Down the Slopes

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