Bimbo Donuts and Chinglish Product

Finally back in China! I noticed that when I heard a guy behind me pull up all the stuff from his nose with a disgusting sound and then loudly spit it on the ground behind me.Yes, I must be home.

There are still signs in China with funny English printed on them. Even in Beijing. And there are a lot of products sold with not quite correct English translations on them. Just as a random example, this is a picture of the product that I bought today. They had the English version of the operating instructions printed on the product packaging. They are probably targeting the US market. Somehow I have problems understanding what each part is, e.g. the allc diality flex, the inching switch and the in house lock flex stalk and what they do by circumgyrate.

One of my favorite products with funny names are the „Bimbo“ donuts. And even as a German I find it funny that the logo of company called Bimbo (= German word for Nigger) is a white cute bear. I did just find out though that the brand is not Chinese but actually Mexican. They claim that they „always bake every product with love“. But it still makes me smile each time I see these donuts.
Bimbo Donuts

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