Suprise Birthday Party

Today is Shaopeng’s 30th birthday. A friend of Shaopeng’s girlfriend had a housewarming party. So Shaopeng’s girlfriend invited all of Shaopeng’s friends to come to the housewarming and turn it into a surprise birthday party for Shaopeng. So we all went there.Here are two pictures a friend of mine took. Maybe she was already quite drunk…

Shaopeng and Girls

Blurry Picture

For those of you who do not live in Beijing: An address in Beijing usually just consists of „residential complex name or hutong name“, „building number“ and „apartment number“. So for this house warming it was said that it is the „building 3 of the new part“ of the residential complex. Me and some friends arrived coincidentally at the same time at the same place just to find out that we were not in the newest part of the complex. By now (after Olympics) there was a complete new residential complex across the big airport express with the same name. You ask yourself why they could not have found a nice slightly different name. Oh well.

The past few days it had been bitter cold in Beijing especially with the arctic winds. Wind is great in Beijing as it blows away any clouds or smog and just gives us cristal clear blue skies. But it makes it much colder. After riding home on my bike after the surprise birthday party I did want to see the current temperature: It is only -12 degrees Celcius. But I am sure with the wind chill factor it is around -20 degrees Celcius. At least it felt like that.

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