Broken Bike Lock

Hmm…, it is because it is just before Chinese New Year? Or is it just due to the icy cold weather with these Siberian winds? Or is it just due to the the lock being old? I went for dinner. I locked my fixed gear bike with 2 Kryptonite locks to a fence and my friend locked his bike (that actually belongs to my German friend) to my frame. After dinner we were not able to open the lock of my friend. The key just refused to go into the hole. It could be because of these freezing temperatures. Or did somebody actually mess with the lock trying to open it? It is common in China that there is theft just before Chinese New Year as everybody needs some nice gifts for their families. Even the cab drivers in Beijing put up a metal cage around them inside the car to protect them from desperate theives before Chinese New Year. Oh, well I will check that lock tomorrow. Maybe it just needs some lubricant.

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