adidas 6009 party 上海

My Beijing fixed gear bike friends and me are in Shanghai. We were sponsored by adidas to go to the 60 year anniversary party of the great sports brand from my hometown Herzogenaurach.

When we arrived in Shanghai we first checked into the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and then went to have some noodles for lunch.

Beijing Fixed Having Lunch

The adidas party was in a huge tent in Pudong. The continuously had graphics projected onto all sides of the tent.

adidas Celebrate Originality

The dress code was original adidas soles and stripes, so mostly everybody was wearing something from adidas. But hardly anybody was as colorful as me:

Ines at the adidas Party

At this 60 years in 2009 party they had a rap band from Beijing perform.

Beijing Rap Band

Then there was a whole lot of adidas fashion show kind of performances (very Asian style). I liked the break dance guys best, even though only 2 of them seemed really good.

adidas Fashion Show

Then the night continued with great DJs. I found the Shanghai crowd very bored of everything. They watched but did not really get into it despite all the free champagne. The whole crowd was very quiet. Except me, a few Japanese and some of the Chinese. So the DJs pulled us onto the stage to get the crowd more excited.

I uploaded more pictures to my website: adidas 6009 Party. And my Chinese friends wrote about the event on their blog.

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  1. Adidasi sagt:

    you are a color spot between the crowd,brave choice!