Beijing Fixed Gear and Beijing Jugglers at Club Fair

This weekend is the CityWeekend Club Fair. All different non profit groups of Beijing were participating in this event and so were we as the Beijing Jugglers Group as well as the Beijing Fixed Gear Bike Group. It was great to see so many friends from the other community clubs. It was great to have Jancy and Peter and Joe and Oli and other friends help at our club table.

Beijing Club Fair

Today was also Oli’s birthday. So we bought him a cake:

Oliver’s Birthday

I had my pink track bike and did some tricks on that fixed gear bike (thanks very much to Jancy for taking these pictures of me):

Ines Brunn Fixed Gear Tricks 1

Ines Brunn Fixed Gear Tricks 2

And then Oli performed for the crowds with his contact juggling:

Oliver Pinchbeck Contact Juggling 1

Oli Pinchbeck Contact Juggling

And also he juggled a few (up to 9) balls. All of the pictures are to be found here

Oliver Pinchbeck Juggling 9 Balls

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    nine balls,wow,he’s a real