Cycling from Fairfax to Point Reyes and Back

My friend Gary had suggested to go cycling together. That was a great idea. What I did not really expect was that his 50 mile race yesterday was not a cycling race but actually a running race. That is a double marathon. But not more. That is why he suggested to do some cycling the next day. He is a real endurance person.

Cycling from Fairfax

His friend Tim from the Marin cycling club had loaned me a nice Trek road bike with shoes and helmet and all.

Trek Road Bike

The 3 of us started in Fairfax and cycled on nice backstreet countryside roads along the reservoir to Point Reyes.

Point Reyes Penninsula

We went to a small coffee shop in Point Reyes that was swamped full of road cyclists. It seemed like there were more cyclists there than the total amount of road cyclists in all of Beijing. Amazing.

The Sunday Cyclers

Also on the road we met multiple cyclists. It was a very different feeling than cycling around Beijing where you hardly ever meet any other road cyclist.

Cycling along the Reservoir

It was a great ride with some small climbs and descents in a beautiful landscape. We only did about 35 miles because of me (as they were not sure if I can do more), not because of Gary. I uploaded a few snapshot pictures while riding to a picasa webalbum.

Gary Windbreaking for us

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