Golden Gate Park Museums

To get to the cycling we had to drive over the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

Driving back we could see downtown San Francisco from the other side of the bay.

Downtown SF

We went to the Golden Gate Park museums. We first went to the California Academy of Sciences.

Science Museum

It is great that on weekends they close the traffic off so all the roads in the park can be used by cyclists, inline scaters, scate boarders and pedestrians.

Roads open to Cyclists not Cars

From the observatory deck of the Art Museum we could see Mount Hem and the Point Reyes penninsula where we had been cycling in the morning.

Mount Hem and Point Reyes Penninsula

I especially liked the installations of a local artist called Ruth Asawa. It was great with the shadows.

Ruth Asawa 1

Ruth Asawa 2

Ruth Asawa 3

In the evening there was a dinner pary with barbeque at Faye’s house. Many important cycling people came and we had a great time.

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