San Francisco Fixed Gear Riding

Finally in San Francisco! I arrived last night and had gone for some drinks with Clancy and Jason and other cyclists. But what was this today? Heavy rain in the morning??? But luckily it did actually stop raining around lunch time. Clancy had put together a small fixed gear bike for me to ride on and do tricks on while I was here.With the mountain bike fork it was possible to do bar spins. The handlebar stem was really cool despite it being really heavy.

Track Bike for Ines

Scull Handlebar Stem

We then went to a basketball court to do some tricks. Clancy is getting really good at some, e.g. the Keo-spin.

Clancy doing Fixed Gear Tricks

We then changed place and went to a car park to meet Justin. There was a nice view from there.

SF Car Park View

Then we changed to a differnt basketball court. It happened a few times that there were some drops of rain, but nothing serious.

1 Legged Wheely by Justin

And then I did a shoulder stand in the saddle for the first time on a bike other than my trick bike. And Justin actually filmed it. That was the first time ever that I did that. It would be cool if he keeps that in his movie.

Ines Shoulderstand on Track Bikes

More pictures are in the webalbum.

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