Cycling to Kings Mountain and along Skyline Boulevard

What a nice start of a day. Today I had a sweet loaner road bike from Alison.

Titanium Trek Road Bike

I met my friend Matin at 6:45am for an early morning ride with his friends. We went from Stanford westwards and up a little mountain. Then 2 had to head back but I continued to ride with Chris and Jamey up to Mount King. It was a nice flat climb through forests.

Climbing up Kings Mountain

After reaching the top we road along the Skyline Boulevard for a bit before we did a beautiful decent. It was amazing to blast around the corners at almost 40 miles per hour (I did see some speed limit signs with 25mph, 20mph and 15mph but I assume that is for the cars and trucks, not for the horse driven carts nor the cyclists).

It was just such a beautiful morning again. And it was a nice view, even though most of the time the view was hidden behind the trees. And I did not want to take pictures at 30mph.

Cycling around Palo Alto

Riding back to Stanford University

It was a short but really nice morning ride.

The Stanford Cyclists

3 Responses to “Cycling to Kings Mountain and along Skyline Boulevard”

  1. Ines sagt:

    Thank you!
    That was a great start of a new year.

  2. Julien sagt:

    Happy Birthday!!