BBQ Afternoon

Friends had invited for a barbeque on there new rooftop terrace of their new apartment outside East 3rd ring road. And it was a superb day for great views due to the strong wind making the sky very clear and blue. But it was quite hard to get the fire starting with all the wind. And we did have minor sparks light up some cardboard outside the grill.

Beijing CBD District

We could see the CCTV headquarter building with the burnt down building to its right side.

CCTV Building and Guomao Tower 3

And the mountains were visible in the West and North. Here the view to the West:

West Mountains and Beijing Skyline

And to the North West we could even see the top of the Dragon Building of the Olympic Village as well as the mountains I usually cycle in.

Olympic Village Dragon Building

And this is their garden: The Chaoyang Park. And still here you see mountains in the background.

Chaoyang Park and Mountains

Many people brought nice wine as some work in the wine industry in Beijing. I was planning to go on a bike ride later so I unfortunately could hardly try any of those nice bottles. Too bad.

Hollywood Chair

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